XGBoost Parameters


  • General parameters relate to which booster we are using to do boosting, commonly tree or linear model
    대부분의 옵션이 no need to be set by user이다.
  • Booster parameters depend on which booster you have chosen. 대부분이 부스터 파라미터 설정에 해당된다.
  • Learning task parameters decide on the learning scenario. For example, regression tasks may use different parameters with ranking tasks.

파라미터 설명

n_estimators=200, max_depth=3, gamma=0.5, subsample=0.5

  • gamma [default=0, alias: min_split_loss] Minimum loss reduction required to make a further partition on a leaf node of the tree. 리프 노드에 추가 파티션을 생성할때의 최소 손실 감소. The larger gamma is, the more conservative the algorithm will be. 감마가 클수록 알고리즘은 더 보수적이다.
    • range: [0,∞]
  • max_depth [default=6] Maximum depth of a tree. Increasing this value will make the model more complex and more likely to overfit. 이 값을 증가시키면 모델이 더 복잡해지고 오버피팅이 발생하기 쉽다. 0 indicates no limit. Note that limit is required when grow_policy is set of depthwise. grow_policy가 depthwise(디폴트)로 설정된 경우 limit 설정이 필요하다.
    • range: [0,∞]
  • subsample [default=1] Subsample ratio of the training instances. Setting it to 0.5 means that XGBoost would randomly sample half of the training data prior to growing trees. 0.5로 설정하면 XGBoost가 트리를 키우기 전에 학습 데이터의 절반을 임의로 샘플링한다. and this will prevent overfitting. 값이 작을수록 오버피팅을 방지한다. Subsampling will occur once in every boosting iteration.
    • range: (0,1]

Tune the Number of Decision Trees in XGBoost

  • The number of trees (or rounds) in an XGBoost model is specified to the XGBClassifier or XGBRegressor class in the n_estimators argument. The default in the XGBoost library is 100. 트리 갯수 ref

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